Grab Driver Centre, Axis Business Campus Parking Rate

Is always not an easy task to get a parking in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City, especially during the weekends. If the location you plan to visit located in City Centre, getting a parking surely a headache situation.

The problem is simple – even as the number of vehicles has expanded, parking space in Malaysia cities has remained constant or reduced due to a growing population. Especially when land is limited and expensive, like in metropolises, rising parking demand spaces puts immense pressure on it.

Thanks to a rapid economic and population growth, Malaysia metropolises are staring at a mobility crisis. Today, urban areas face tremendous pressure on parking spaces, resulting in parking issues in Malaysia such as traffic congestion, disproportionate demand and supply, and environmental hazards, to name a few. Because of poor parking management and policy, Malaysia struggles with chaotic situations like overcrowded footpaths, illegal parking, and criminal activities due to improper surveillance.

Parking issues in Malaysia

  • Saturated parking spaces

One of the most common problems today is a saturation of parking spaces. Vehicles continue to outnumber existing parking spaces, thus clogging roads. Incidences of violence over occupancy, deformed cars due to a space crunch, and overcharging for parking are some problems that result.

  • On-Street vs. Off-Street Parking

Another problem in Malaysia metropolises is the skewed demand for on-street parking since it’s cheaper than off-street parking. On-street parking issues in Malaysia often cause delays, especially on roads with heavy traffic. A balance in tariff is necessary for both types of spaces to be optimally utilized.

  • Parking on special occasions

In Malaysia cities, special occasions mean unending traffic – festivals, concerts, college fests etc. A large number of vehicles come out on the streets, exerting immense pressure on parking spaces. This means more cruising, chaos, quarrels and long queues than usual.

Anyhow, you need to find the most suitable and affordable parking, especially during you plan out your daily route and appointment. A Malaysia Parking Rate advise would come handy for you, and that’s why we are doing this for you.

Any location you wish to know more about their parking rate? Do ask us, and we will find it out for you. If you found any new paid parking location, do inform us, let’s update it and benefit to others.



Monday – Friday :
RM3 (first hour)
RM2 (every subsequent hour)

Saturday & Sunday :
RM5 flat rate

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