Care Condom Bonn Lam and AL Media Alan Lim

有没有想过会收到让人立即脸红的Care礼盒?人生也许就有这么一次,一次脸红心跳的感觉!到底是怎么样的一个礼盒才能让人体温急升,心跳加速呢? 话说那么一天,AL Media小小编辑有幸能与Care创办人有个轻松咖啡聚会。话题当然少不了数码新闻广告,网络营销以及最近火红的Care避孕套。能与James Bond,不是,是Mr. Bonn见面,真的获益匪浅,原来一个众所周知的避孕套也能以那么创意独特的方式来推广,不得不写个服字,我学习了。 这个小小礼盒里头的惊喜不是一两个,而是无数不同的组合。最为淘气的就是那两个看似骰子,可是却不是数字而是”动作“。这些动作或则指令实在让人不敢直视,因为会太直接了,直接得让人热血沸腾。 其实很多人都会回避讨论避孕套这个话题,甚至避免去买,更别说去用。可是它并不是啥不能触摸的神秘/秘密,它是一个能保护自己,保护别人的“盾”。Care让这个能保护大家的盾增添了不少色彩和元素,让它在运用上能更尽情的发挥。 AL Media随机想到一下这个搞笑的拍摄摆设,就算是星球大战,龟仙人或者钢铁人,保护自己还是必要的一环。 如果在未为自己未来做好准备的你,你,你,最好还是得保护自己,保护对方,最重要是别生病,生孩子。我们并不是在支持任何形式的性行为,而是希望大家拥有更多保护自己的意识,避免一时的欢乐带来的副作用,后悔一生。 如果想了解更多关于Care的产品,可以到一下的网址看看。提起AL Media是没有任何折扣的,你有听过防弹衣有大减价吗?) About Care Some countries made different sizes and thickness because of the mixtures of materials. We give our best rubber. No nonsense. That’s how much we care. QUALITY ASSURANCE Our single most important objective is to produceContinue Reading

Biggest Philanthropist Charitable person is Photographer

Let us tell you that the Biggest Philanthropist Charitable person is Photographer, maybe include videographer. WHY we say so… Charity always a good act in society, as we really need helpful people to help around needy, in term of morale supports or monetary supports. There are so many organisation inContinue Reading

Alan Lim AL Media CNY 2022

Happy 虎 Year to everyone, May you all have a Wonder虎 Year. In 2022, may all the “Good, Happy, Lucky” will fall on your doorstep, may all the “Negative Energy” bounce away, far far away… 在此恭祝各界在这个水虎年万事如意,虎虎生威,虎年行大运。 From: Alan Lim | AL Media About Alan Lim Alan Lim is aContinue Reading

What you should do before request a Airbnb Photography?

I’d covered the topic of “How to get people to do professional photography?“, I think most of the Airbnb Host understand that well. You just need to request the photography service from your host dashboard, and Airbnb will link you with the appointed photographer, that’s it, so easy. Anyhow, YouContinue Reading

We do not have any budget

If you’re involve in Event, Entertainment, Publisher or Fashion line, bet you always heard this “We do not have any budget“. They will add on and invite you to be SPONSOR for the particular event/show. Budget is setup/allocate when organiser start do planning on their event/project. They will have the total budget allocation forContinue Reading