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Have you hear about eyebrow & lip embroidery (紋眉,紋唇)?

I’m a bit out dated, as I always only know about eyebrow embroidery, until recently only I being introduced to lip embroidery. Thanks to beauty queen Datin Cynthia and Lily Wong for introducing the specialist behind all the skills, Sun Bo (孫波).
Interview for Mrs Malaysia Superstar, Sunbo 孫波 As Founder of SunSpace Makeup and Beauty Centre, also as Ambassador. To continue make sure everyone in their best look in any possible angle.

Sun Bo 孫波 SunBo

Sun Bo, a Beautician & Skin Care Specialist with 20 years experiences. Mainly focus in creating high-end female personal images. She is a passionate person with gifted unique creative sense of art. With the advance equipments enable to provide a comprehensive service to each individual.

She create each unique art on each person based on personal uniqueness. Every person can have the exclusive customization eyebrows, eyeliners and lip embroidery. The ultimate aims is to provide each person to have a combination of natural, harmony, confidence, young and Fashionable.

SUNSPACE Make up Beauty Centre founded on year 1999 by Sun Bo with 4 Core Values:

1.Professional Skills
2.Good Customer Services
3.Work Efficiency
4.Advance Equipments

Team members with on hand professional experience/skill, responsible, honesty and always ready to provide the best solution to client based on their needs.

SUNSPACE work hard in promoting make up and ambroidery culture in society. By setting up classes, SunBo manage to train student about the importancy of Makeup and the concept of embroidery. Many of the graduated student currently active in Malaysia beauty industries.

Awards & Achievement
2009 International make up competition 1st Prize
2009 Make up Malaysia make up competition 2nd runner up
Her student successfully won the Malaysia make up competition 1st & 2nd runner up.

Personal grooming consultant for:
Malaysia Famous TV Food program Artist
Shaadi Magazine Interviewee
Personal Beauty & Make up for pageant Queen and contestant
Let’s see some of the works done by Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre.

Sun Bo 孫波 Sunbo

Sun Bo & Beauty Queen Eileen Gan.

Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre for eyebrow & lip embroidery
Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre for eyebrow & lip embroidery

Lip embroidery

Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre for eyebrow & lip embroidery

Lip embroidery

Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre for eyebrow & lip embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery

Eyebrows, eyeliner, lip & body embroidery art, fully based on each personality, requirement and face shape to design unique emboidery art.

What a wonderful list of portfolio from Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre. There are more portfolio at their page, link at below.

By looking at the portfolio above, bet you already understand how great skill that Sun Bo equipped. All the embroidery looks natural and without telling you, you will think that is original. Imagine, after eyebrow & lip embroidery, basically you shorten all the make-up time before go out, same time, you need not to worry the first moment of yourself after bed. That’s fantastic.

眉坊 Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre for eyebrow & lip embroidery

Services Main Focus on:
Eyebrows Embroidery
6D Eyebrows Embroidery
Male Eyebrows Embroidery
Eyeliner Embroidery
Lip Embroidery
Body Tattoo
E light professional hair removal
E light professional acne treatment
E light whitening cream
E light wrinkle rejuvenation
Laser blackhead removal
Laser oil seeds removal
Laser skin tags removal
Laser black pigment removal
V shape contour

Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Embroidery Removal
Touch up/repair imperfect

SunBo during work

If you’re interested in their services, Do contact them thru and ask for more info…

Facebook:- Sun Bo FB

Or talk to them at their centre, it located at Jalan Tok Unggu, MultiCare Pharmacy Upstair.

Sun Space Make Up Beauty Centre, first level from Multicare Pharmacy.

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