5 simple steps to write a good comprehensive Sponsor Letter?

5 simple steps to write a good comprehensive Sponsor Letter

5 simple steps to write a good comprehensive Sponsor Letter

How to write a good comprehensive Sponsor Letter?

When you’re involve in event planning, event organising committee, mostly you need to seek for sponsorship in term of Monetary or in kinds. At the moment now, isn’t that easy to grab on Sponsor todo so, not easy, but still possible todo so. Let’s see how we can do it.

Introduce Yourself & Your Event

At the you need to tell them who are you and why you’re writing this email/letter or even Whatsapp message (Not advice todo so, as it is not formal ways of doing it.) A simple introduction will do, briefly explain the event and the core value of the event.

What type of sponsorship you are looking for?

You need sponsorship to run the show, but you need to identify the which kinds of sponsorship your event needed?
In term of MONEY or Products (Service, Products or Cash Voucher) do help you in running the event. Some time you might need venue sponsorship too. Never the less, the media sponsor, such like magazine, newspaper or advertisement company.
Please explain your requirement clearly to them, and discuss for the details.

Sponsorship Benefit

When a sponsor offer their helps in term of Monetary or in kinds, they should some kind of benefit from it. Of cause exposure to their company and brands in the event is a MUST. To some big sponsor, you can offer more, such as VIP invitation to certain business matching session or Press Conference. Some event offer the biggest sponsor, who sponsor more than 500K in value or more as Presenter or Co-Organiser for the event.

Ending with Thank you and contact information

After all the message being deliver, you need to say thank you to them whether they’re ok to do sponsor or not. Thanks for the time of reading the letter/email.
Please, give them the correct contact person details, in order they wish to contact or ask more question about it. Without this, you might just lost the potential sponsor, because they do not know how to contact you.
So far So good?
Writing a sponsor letter can be easy, can be tricky too. Write it sincerely, people can feel it thru your words in the letter. Please do make a template sponsor letter and send to all potential sponsor in one go, not work that way, succession rate is super low if you do so.
Please customise each sponsor letter to specific sponsor, make them feel they’re specially pick.

Let’s see this sample sponsor letter below, we learn together.

I am the Hayashi, Organiser for World SponsorDay International 2018.

I would like to formally request your company to be one of the event’s corporate sponsors for monetary & event venue. Your company will receive recognition as a sponsor in our event and we will include your company’s name and logo on the background banner for the all the event and will mention your support in the event announcements.
I would like to request your company to be one of the event’s corporate sponsors for event venue & Room as below stated,

Our facilities needs are:
Event Space/Room:
– Press Conference on July 2018
– Sponsor meetings
Event Period:
– 15 Rooms for Event Sponsor/organiser (3D2N)
– Grand Ballroom on December 2018

As for the Event Dinner on December 2018, Final night of the event, for the event food costing, I would like to request the target special price per table at RM1500.
I sincerely hope you will agree to sponsor this event. I can be reached at Phone Number – 012 345 6789 or at [email protected] if you would like to arrange a time we can meet when I can give you the required forms and other details.

Thank you for your kind attention to my request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sincerely,
Organisation Chairperson

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