Some potential reasons why a PR agency might ask a photographer to do a free job, though it’s important to note that these are general possibilities and may not apply to every situation. Here are some reasons: Exposure and Portfolio Building: The PR agency might promise the photographer increased exposureContinue Reading

Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2023 Grand Final

AL Media being invited to witness the Grand Final night for the Mrs Malaysia Universe 2023, also the Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2023. Congratulation to Madam Lim for a great success night. Congratulation to all contestants, as long as you have courage to stand up on the stage, you’re theContinue Reading

Grand opening of Franchise Expo Malaysia International Retail and Franchise 2023 (FE MIRF 2023)

The grand opening of Franchise Expo Malaysia International Retail and Franchise 2023 (FE MIRF 2023) today saw YB Datuk Seri Salahuddin Bin Ayub, Minister of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living (KPDN), witnessing its objective of drawing RM120mil in investments for local retailers and franchisors through the newly rebranded exhibition.Continue Reading

InDrive company founded by Arsen Tomsky at 2012 and it evolved to international market since 2014. It rebranded from InDriver to InDrive at 2022. InDrive launched in Malaysia on 2021. InDrive, unlike typical eHailing apps such as Grab or AirAsia Ride, InDrive is offering a unique service by allowing passengersContinue Reading

Is your retirement saving enough for your retirement after age 55 in Malaysia?

Achieving financial freedom before the age of 40 requires careful planning, disciplined saving, intelligent investing, and a commitment to long-term financial goals. In this detailed guide, I will outline the key steps you can take to attain financial independence and enjoy a secure and abundant life. Define Your Financial GoalsContinue Reading

Ratu DeAge Titanium Beauty Contest 2023 on newspaper

Ratu DeAge Titanium Beauty Contest 2023 on newspaper TheStar Newspaper – TheSun Newspaper – DeAge Titanium Beauty to Launch our Ratu DeAge Titanium Beauty contest 2023 Preview Show at Ruyi & Lyn Modern Chinese Restaurant 9 June, 2023 DeAge Titanium Beauty, the finest choice, we aim to sell,Continue Reading

Malaysia Interior Photographer, Alan Lim

Interior photography is a specialized genre that focuses on capturing the aesthetics, design, and ambiance of interior spaces. It involves carefully composing and capturing images that showcase the unique features, details, and atmosphere of a room or a building’s interior. In this comprehensive explanation, we will delve into the worldContinue Reading