The car parking capacity crisis in Malaysia has become increasingly severe, prompting concerns about urban mobility and quality of life. Transitioning from bustling streets to cramped parking lots, it’s evident that the shortage of parking spaces is a pressing issue. Firstly, rapid urbanization has strained existing infrastructure, exacerbating the mismatchContinue Reading

Modern Raya elements Botanika Raya by Sungei Wang

Sungei Wang Plaza transports you to a tropical forest flower village this Ramadan. From now until 17 April 2024, be mesmerized by the unique floral theme, “Botanika Raya” which combines both traditional and modern Raya elements around trendy fashion, traditional music and arts. A life-sized bull-cart at the Main EntranceContinue Reading

Cara-cara untuk Pembaharuan Cukai Jalan Kenderaan E-Hailing

Cara-cara untuk Pembaharuan Cukai Jalan Kenderaan E-Hailing, adakah anda tahu? Lepas dapat kelayakkan PSV, anda perlu tunggu sampai kereta anda dapat kelayakkan EVP daripada APAD, anda perlu hantar kereta anda ke Puspakom untuk pemeriksaan berkala, lepas pemeriksaan berkala puspakom baru dapat pembaharuan cukai jalan kenderaan. Mengikut Peraturan E-Hailing, tempoh pembaharuanContinue Reading

Kids & Teens Pageant Global 2024 Grand Final

The grand finale of the second edition of the much respected Kids & Teens Pageant Global (2024) was staged at the prestigious Galaxy Banquet Hall @ HGH Convention Centre in Sentul this evening. The well-received international homegrown pageant saw a confident 8-year-old Aaisyah Batrisya from Sarawak, Malaysia being crowned asContinue Reading

Jadual Waktu Imsak Dan Berbuka Puasa Tahun 1445H / 2024M Bagi Seluruh Negeri-Negeri Di Malaysia

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) menerusi portal rasminya akan menerbitkan jadual waktu berbuka Puasa dan Imsak di bulan Ramadhan untuk tahun 2024 (Masihi) bersamaan 1445 (Hijrah) bagi negeri-negeri seluruh Malaysia. Jadual atau takwim tersebut boleh membantu seluruh umat Islam di seluruh negeri di Malaysia membuat semakan waktu berbuka Puasa dan Imsak semasa menjalaniContinue Reading


In its mission to catalyze the expansion and advancement of the agriculture sector, LKE Group, a family-run agricultural venture, kicked off its 7th LKE Durian Fiesta today, officiated by Datuk Bahria Mohd Tamil, Deputy Secretary-General (Management & Investment), from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI).  Visitors can expectContinue Reading

Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2024

Months of intensive training and activities have culminated with the much anticipatedMrs Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2024 Grand Final which finally came to a close at the HGH Conventional, Sentul on 13 Jan 2024. 35-year-old Joevy Chua, Entrepreneur from the Puchong, Selangor was crowned the Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen InternationalContinue Reading