心的音旋 Heart of Music, New Music Launch on 29th June 2022

Heart of Music, New Music Launch, news coverage by AL Media

Heart of Music, New Music Launch, news coverage by AL Media

29 June 2022 Wednesday, HOM Music Sdn. Bhd. launched “Heart of Music 心的音旋” new music hoping to spread the warmth of love into the lives of others. Four new Music Videos (MVs) 《Aku Lelaki Hebat “I am a Great Man”》·《Tak Mampu Bicara》· 《Friend-Ship 友谊的小船》· 《Xin Zhi Du Ming 心知肚明》and an Album titled “HEART OF MUSIC 心的音旋” were launched at Skycac @ Quinton Academy, Skypark One City Subang Jaya.

Four new songs are written by the famous local composers and lyricists, who are also the talented producers, musicians, artistes and professionals respectively. The composers include BoyRazak for “Aku Lelaki Hebat” and “Friend-Ship”, Cikgu Awang @ AG. Astillah, Syed Syechan @ Syed Sehan and Sany Tony for “Tak Mampu Bicara” and Look Wen Ching for “Xin Zhi Du Ming”.

Lyricists consist of BoyRazak, Patricia Lim and Eva Khoo for “Aku Lelaki Hebat”, Rinkarnaen, Noreen Dulang and Rynn Rindu for “Tak Mampu Bicara”, Eva Khoo for “Friend-Ship” and Look Wen Ching for “Xin Zhi Du Ming”.

Artistes performing the MVs respectively include an international artiste Louis Tan 陈芃亦 for “Aku Lelaki Hebat”, “Tak Mampu Bicara” and “Friend-Ship”, the Champion of My Lovely Mum Asia 2012 Eva Khoo邱楚惠 for “Friend-Ship” and “Xin Zhi Du Ming”, actor & model Thean Jia Sin 邓佳欣 for “Friend-Ship” and a multi-awards winning vocalist Hong Wan Wen 方琬雯for duet “Tak Mampu Bicara”.

The MVs participated by friends from different cultures, races, religions, ethnics and backgrounds, reflecting a harmonious multi-cultural society. “Music brings us together, connects us and moves our heart” – HOM Music believes music brings everyone closer, strengthen the spirit of togetherness and music can make a difference. It appreciates multi-racial harmony and cherish multi-cultural uniqueness in this nation.

The pandemic made us realised the value of life and relationship as well as to live every moment to the fullest as life is unpredictable. HOM Music hopes to bring joy and positive energy to everyone through music and hopes everyone lives a better life and live up to their dream.

HOM Music’s CD Album titled “Heart of Music 心的音旋”, a compilation of seven (7) audio song tracks including the four new music and one (1) bonus track is also launched on this special day. We hope the melodies from the heart connect every heart, and everyone has a “heart of music”.

All the new songs can be listened at the digital music platforms namely Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, KK Box, YouTube Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, JOOX, Line Music, TikTok etc.

The Music Videos (MVs) can be watched by scanning the QR code provided respectively in the specially designed CD Album booklet or watch directly at YouTube: www.youtube.com/hommusicmy. Besides YouTube, the MV of “Aku Lelaki Hebat” can also be watched via Cineplus Apps by scanning the QR code, download the app and watch the said MV.

Press Conference Highlight by AL Media

Contact Information

Contact Persons:
Eva Khoo | +6016- 513 5191
Patricia Lim | +6012-883 3256
Joyce Lim | +6012-335 6188

Address 地址: No. 19-1, Jalan PJU 1/3G, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Website 网站: www.hommusic.com.my
Facebook 脸书: www.facebook.com/hommusicmy
Instagram: @hommusicmy
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/hommusicmy


A new funk/pop song with energetic dance moves featuring a modern gentleman wanted to be a better person, a valuable person and become a great man. From uncertainties to settled down daily routine life,geared toward a clearer vision of life without losing his own uniqueness and identity. We hope the young generation can think about what they want for their life, find their own identity and be a better person, a valuable person and become a great man.

The song is performed by Louis Tan, an international artiste, award-winning actor, model and singer.

《Aku Lelaki Hebat》is composed, written and arranged by BoyRazak, a famous local Malay composer and music producer, sessionist, music programmer, audio and sound designer. BoyRazak recently won the “Music Cosmos Composer Competition” in support of the Amazon Frontlines. The other two (2) lyricists include Patricia Lim and Eva Khoo. Patricia Lim is a professional management consultant and hopes to bring joy and empower lives through music. Eva Khoo is the Champion of My Lovely Mum Malaysia Champion & Asia Grand Champion 2012, a talented artiste in various aspects including singing, song writing, acting, directing MV and also a well-known event specialist.
The MV 《Aku Lelaki Hebat》 is a production of HOM Music Sdn. Bhd. and Cineplus Sdn. Bhd. and the producers are Patricia Lim, WC Chin and Joyce Lim. The MV is directed by Fahmy Sani.


This song is about a story of two romances who love each other and departed but they still miss each other – the love which is stored unable to speak.
《Tak Mampu Bicara》is composed by AG. Astillah, Syed Syechan @ Syed Sehan and Sany Tony. Having 30 years of experience in music industry, A.G. Astillah is a respectful composer, vocal coach and musician while Syed Sehan is a seasoned musician and singer. Sany Tony has vast experience in lyrics writing and sound designer.

The famous musicians, Rinkarnaen, Noreen Dulang and Rynn Rindu have written the song 《Tak Mampu Bicara》. Rinkarnaen is the finalist of Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-31 (AJL31) (Sufian Suhaimi- Terakhir), AJL32 – 3rdplace (Haqiem Rusli- Tergantung Sepi) , (Wany Hasrita- Menahan Rindu), AJL33 Best Performance (Sufian Suhaimi-Di Matamu) and AJL34 (Lembah Kesepian- Haqiem Rusli). Noreen Dulang is the finalist for Sabah Class, composer of “Lamunan Silam Albab” and “Cinta Sebatang Lilin”. Rynn Rindu is a composer, musician and band member having 24 years of experience in music and singing.

The duet love song is performed by Louis Tan and Hong Wan Wen. Louis Tan is an international artiste, award-winning actor, model and singer. He is also a Shark Savers Ambassador and an ambassador for various Brands. Hong Wan Wen is a talented vocalist who is trained at the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She has been known for performances that promote Malaysia to audiences in Shanghai and some cities in China.

3.《FRIEND-SHIP 友谊的小船》

The MV features fun moment and unforgettable memory with old friends in familiar places having favourite foods and activities depicts happy times and warm relationship among friends. We hope this MV could cheer up everyone to stay healthy and positive, cherish people around us and always bring them joy and support especially after having experienced COVID 19. This MV also brings out the uniqueness of Malaysia as a multi-ethnics and multi-culture society.
MV special guests include Amber Chia (Super model), Carrie Lee (Miss Chinese Cosmos/Influencer), Rasyidah (TV2 Host), Kit Wong (Actor/Model/Host), Nicky Lim (Racing Writer), Yokananthini Murugeesan (Assistant Director of Media Cyber Division, Ministry of Communication & Multimedia Malaysia), Sritharan Kuttappan (Head Deputy Director Strategic Planning, Parliament and Cabinet), Ajrul (Malay Host), Alvan Teh (Model/Advisor), HOM Music founder Joyce Lim, among others.
《Friend-Ship》is composed and arranged by the famous local Malay composer and music producer, BoyRazak who recently won the “Music Cosmos Composer Competition” in support of the Amazon Frontlines. The lyric is written by the talented artiste, Eva Khoo who also involves in writing lyrics, directing MV and acting as well as a well-known event specialist.
《Friend-Ship》is performed by Louis Tan 陈芃亦, Eva Khoo邱楚惠 and Thean Jia Sin 邓佳欣.


A new song production about feeling the warmth of love in life, not just seeing it with ordinary eyes. The MV hopes everyone has love in their heart, feel the love and appreciate every moment of life. 《Xin Zhi Du Ming》is a theme song for a local Chinese TV show 《Men In White 曙光》which is currently airing in TV2. This 13-episodes drama series, produced by Red Storm Pictures, directed by the famous Director Loon is about the eyes hospital’s daily life with love story from friendship to relationship.
The song is produced and written by the award-winning artiste and music producer, Look Wen Ching (Look Look) who singly handled the song composing, lyrics and music production. 《Xin Zhi Du Ming》is performed by the talented Artiste, Eva Khoo who is a lyricist, MV Director, actress, the Champion of My Lovely Mum Malaysia Champion & Asia Grand Champion 2012 and is also known as “Event-Angel”.

Two versions of MVs were produced, a Solo MV with drama footages and a story line official MV presented by Louis Tan and Eva Khoo. Jessica Loo 吕雪薇, the multi-awards winning Violin Artiste performed violin in the Solo MV. Jessica Loo is also the holder of The Malaysia Book of Records and 2018/2020 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Top 30 Finalists.

《Xin Zhi Du Ming》 is specially planned and coordinated by Colin Qi, a famous lyricist who is an early pioneer of Xinyao (Singapore) style of music and involved in Chinese pop songs history research. His lyrics works include “Love and Promise“, a duet song performed by Jacky Cheong and Priscilla Chan.
Teacher Paul Wah the vocal coach for this song is the Pop Vocal instructor and an Honorable Judge for the Astro Classic Golden Melody competition. She is the first Chinese female pop singer-songwriter in the local music scene who won the 1992 Best Album of the Year award (for new artistes from overseas) in Taiwan.

LOUIS TAN 陈芃亦 at AL Media

Louis Tan is an award-winning Artiste – a Singer, Model, Actor covering wide range of experiences in films, movies, modelling, advertisements and being an ambassador for various brands. In his career, Louis Tan successfully attained various awards including Malaysia Gold Star Award for Top 10 Outstanding Youth, Best New Star, Best Artist in two consecutive years, SSTV (Beijing) Global International Fashion TV Actor Gold Award, TAN Association Excellent Award and Mr. Global International (Malaysia) Ambassador, Popularity, Photogenic Winner.

Louis Tan was in Hong Kong, China for 7 years. In 2020, he returned to Malaysia due to pandemic and started recording and releasing his new singles “兄弟 Brotherhood”, “Aku Lelaki Hebat”, duet songs “Cinta Ku Mekar Mewangi” and “Tak Mampu Bicara” with Hong Wan Wen as well as group song “Friend-Ship” with Eva Khoo and Thean Jia Sin. He also performed in Chinese New Year cover song ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi” and New Year Song “Hari Raya Aidilfitri Norma Baru”. He also performed in the charitable theme songs “People of Action”, “Love Brings Protections” and so on. Ms. Chew Paul Wah is the special instructor for Louis Tan.

He was also a Panel Judge for various local and international contests and competitions. He actively involved in many charitable activities and served as the Ambassador for Malaysia Shark Savers and Global Positive Energy Figure Award. He also a vegan life ambassador to promote healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Louis Tan also the Ambassador for various Advertisement & Brands including MYSUIT, Fox Tailor, Hurix’s, Quantum-Ion Mask, Xinlife, 梁贤Mooncake,MVision etc.

In addition to the above, he has participated in the 2020 Chinese New Year film (大财神) and involved in a number of Singaporean as well as local TV series, films, charitable short films and overseas productions.

Social media of Louis Tan
Facebook 脸书: www.facebook.com/louistanofficial
Instagram: @ louistanofficial

EVA KHOO 邱楚惠 at AL Media

• EVA KHOO 邱楚惠

Eva Khoo is a talented Artiste, Lyricist, MV Director, Actor and Image Consultant. Known as “Event Angel”, she is also a professional event planner organized various local and international events. Eva Khoo is having vast experience in different aspects including 2019 Make-up & Image Consultant, groomer for Brands: Bobbi Brown, Dior, Estee, YSL, M.A.C. and a Global International Coach for Parenting Programs in Presidents Cruises China. She is also a Certified JPK Trainer, Vice President of Shark Savers Malaysia & Ambassador, Bluestorm Core Team member & Ambassador and various Advertisement and Brands Ambassadors.

In her career, Eva Khoo has achieved various awards including My Lovely Mum Malaysia Champion & Asia Grand Champion 2012, World Entrepreneur Foundation IEA CSR Charity60 Award 2017, Global International Business Federation Asia Master Class & Top Business Awards 2018 and 2018, The Giving Bank Humanitarian Award. She also involved in various charities activities to give back to the society.

Eva Khoo released her first solo single “Xin Zhi Du Ming 心知肚明“, a theme song for TV2 Chinese drama “Men in White 曙光” in May 2022. Ms. Chew Paul Wah is the special instructor for Eva Khoo for “Xin Zhi Du Ming 心知肚明”. Eva Khoo also written the lyrics and performed with Louis Tan and Thean Jia Sin for “Friend-Ship 友谊的小船”. Together with Louis Tan, she also written the song “Brotherhood 兄弟“. Eva Khoo participated in Chinese New Year cover song ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi” and New Year Song “Hari Raya Aidilfitri Norma Baru” as well as charitable theme song “People of Action”, “Love Brings Protections” and so on.

Eva Khoo 邱楚惠 联系信息
Facebook : EvaKhoo 邱楚惠: www.facebook.com/Evakhoo
Instagram : @Evakhoo1616


Thean Jia Sin 邓佳欣, a Malaysian model, actress, singer who made her debut in Singapore Modeling Contest TNP New Face 2018 Final and Malaysia Modeling Contest Face of Malaysia 2019 Final. As a runway model, she walked in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019 and 2021 and Borneo Fashion Week 2018.
In commercials, editorials and campaigns, Jia Sin worked with multiples big brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, NUYOU Fashion Magazine, Avon, Puma, Polo Hill, Christy Ng, Shiseido, Loreal, Omega, Rolex, Huawei, Toyota, OCBC Bank, Great Eastern, Petronas, Getha, Goodnite, Ribena, Pizza Hut, Super Coffee, Sime Darby, Ecoworld, Gamuda, Tourism Malaysia, Cheras Leisure Mall, Fraser Place Puteri Harbour, Four Seasons Langkawi etc.
In 2021, she made her acting debut as a supporting role in the 8TV drama, “A Promise To Love”, RTM TV2 television drama series “Tasty Tale”, “Men In White”, “To Be An Angel”. In 2022, she starred in AMM Asia Heart Entertainment web series “To Be An Angel” and Malaysian local film “Oh My Soul”.
Together with Louis Tan and Eva Khoo, Thean Jia Sin performed the MV “Friend-Ship 友谊的小船”. She also participated in New Year song “Hari Raya Aidilfitri Norma Baru” and charitable theme song “People Of Action”, a peace song with Rotary International Club for World Peace Day under HOM Music.

• Hong Wan Wen 方琬雯

Hong Wan Wen 方琬雯is a vocalist who trained at Shanghai Conservatory of Music and currently pursuing her Masters in Musical Theatre Singing. Hong Wan Wen, a multi-awards winning singer and performer was born in Tawau and raised in Sandakan, started vocal music since she was 5 years old. Her recent notable achievements include performing on China’s CCTV3 and Shanghai Dragon Television Channel, performing in a summer concert in Kagawa, Japan, as well as performances in cities such as Shanghai and Suzhou to promote Malaysia.

In 2020, she has also performed in the Merdeka day’s event hosted by Tourism Melaka, the Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) Malaysia Day programme on TV3 and live on RTM AsyikFm. Hong Wan Wen released her singles “Cinta Ku Mekar Mewangi” and “Tak Mampu Bicara”, both are duet love songs with Louis Tan, an award-winning actor and model. In conjunction with celebrating Chinese New Year, Wan Wen also performed together with various artistes, the Chinese New Year cover song “Gong Xi Gong Xi”.

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