How to Cross The Border travel to Thailand by car

How to Cross The Border travel to Thailand by car
How to Cross The Border travel to Thailand by car
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Thailand is the nearest country to Malaysia beside Singapore. Malaysian like to travel Thailand mainly for delicious food, and better currency exchange rate. Moreover Thailand have lot of market place selling good bargain products.

There are several check point along Malaysia Thailand border where we can cross over. Usually, there are few methods to cross border. We can take bus, train or cross border by motorcycle or car.

This guide is to show you how to cross the border by car. We will guide you how to cross border through Bukit Kayu Hitam & Sadao Border. Anyway, there are certain documents that we need to cross border. Moreover, necessary documents to have with us when we bring our own vehicle into Thailand.

(We think similar procedure for the other border checkpoint, do double check for other checkpoint)

Necessary Documents

We will need to go through two customs checkpoints. One is Bukit Kayu Hitam Malaysia checkpoint, and another one is Sadao Thailand checkpoint. At Malaysia checkpoint, everything is pretty straightforward, usually they only check our passport.

Once we done at the Malaysia checkpoint, we need to drive over to Sadao Thailand checkpoint. At this point, we need to present necessary documents beside passport. Below are necessary documents we need to prepare before trip.

  1. Original vehicle registration card a.k.a car grant
  2. Thai vehicle insurance
  3. Copy of road tax (optional)
  4. Car information or conveyance form (inbound and outbound) – 2copies
  5. Malaysian driving license for driver
  6. Passport of the driver and all passengers
  7. Completed arrival cards for all passengers
  8. Passenger list form -2 copies (Optional)

Documents 2, 4, 7 and 8 can be obtained when you purchase vehicle insurance at Changloon, Kedah or Pekan Napoh. We choose to purchase Car Insurance, fee for basic package not more than RM40. However, we can also choose other insurance package for third-party property/vehicle damage claims. After we make payment online, help us complete the documents 2, 4, 7 & 8. We collect all the document drive-thru, and it is pretty simple and straightforward. Of course can choose to purchase the insurance on the spot, which you need to queue and fill up form, take more time.

** We can get Thailand Tourist Simcard at office too.

At Thai Immigration

At the Sadao Thai customs and immigration checkpoint, we queue for our turn. Peak season, this process might take up to few hours, avoid it. Do brings some food/drink for yourself or passengers. If there are kids in the car, please bring something to keep them occupied.

Before we reach your counter, passenger (except kids) need to go to the custom main building to proceed necessary steps. Once we reach the counter, driver need to leave the car with all documents. Once the officer ok with everything, officer will stamp everyone’s passports (take a photo with webcam). An overtime fees of 25 baht/driver and 5 baht/passenger. The outbound document will be returned to us, it is needed for re-enter Malaysia (DO NOT Lose it!!)

After that, we need to proceed to do Customs Declaration at the counter before leaving Sadao Immigration. This can be done by doing ONLINE with THIS LINK (ONLY applicable to use with cellphone). Hence with the online key in will help you to avoid the long queue.

After done all the necessary steps, we are good to go Thailand for your Holiday.

** If you can not make the trip as soon as possible, you can still make yourself feel like at Thailand too. Visit to Tummour at Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya pamper yourself with some good Thai Food.

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