Is Singaporean Comedian Jocelyn Chia Joke Funny?

Is Jocelyn Chia Joke Funny?
Is Jocelyn Chia Joke Funny?
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Recently Jocelyn Chia Perform at Comedy Cellar USA, New York which suddenly become a hot topic due to some topic she talk in the show. As we know, a stand up comedian will crack a lot of joke on any people, any country, any culture, and it can be any thing in the world or not.

Before we proceed further, if you haven’t listen to the session, please listen first…

@jocelynchiacomedy The funniest part was after my set the host asked the Malaysians how they got it New York and they replied “we flew Singapore Airlines” 😂🇸🇬 @ComedyCellarUSA #malaysia vs #singapore #standup #beef #gotbeef #standupcomedy #jocelynchia #asian #asiancomedy #funny ♬ original sound – Jocelyn Chia

When you have a audience answered that he/she from Malaysia, and you said “F You, A…Hole”, is that really proper to the listener? Like Harith Iskandar said, some joke you think is funny, but it isn’t for the person who listen to it.

@harithiskandercomedian My response to the Jocelyn Chia clip #ABetterMalaysia #standupcomedylive ♬ original sound – Harith Iskander

Even Jocelyn Chia did not mention directly about MH370 flight, but she did mentioned that “Malaysian Airline going missing not funny huh?”. Take a tragedy as a joke is always a NO NO for comedian or anyone. At the end, she mentioned that she not worry about bad comment from Malaysian because Malaysia do not have internet, that’s really an insulting, yeah, some joke “not funny”.

Of course she had successfully make Malaysian get to know her, Honestly speaking, never hear about her before this.


Jocelyn Chia is a lawyer turned comedian originally from Singapore. She is a regular at the best New York City comedy clubs including the Comedy Cellar and Gotham Comedy Club, and has been featured in Vulture, Vice, Her World, South China Morning Post, and She has also been named one of Singapore’s top comedians by Buro, Best in Singapore and Simibest. She has been on the Howard Stern Channel of Sirius XM, MTV, AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Vice TV, Discovery+ and Comedy Central.
She is managed by Andy Curtain, the head of Live Nation Comedy, Asia-Pacific.
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