Easy to be Malaysia Influencer

Easy to be Malaysia Influencer

Easy to be Malaysia Influencer

Are you Influencer? At this moment, you pick up a stone, throw it, it can hit an influencer, and then it bounce and hit few more influencer. So many influencer? Seemingly yes.

What is an “Influencer”?

An Influencer is a person who has the influence power to affect purchase decisions of another person because of his/her knowledge, status, confident level, position or maybe the relationship with the audience. An influencer can be a master of certain field/market, where their opinion is important to others/audience. Most of the time, influencer will be consider as K.O.L. (Key Opinion Leader) if the influencer is a master for certain product/service.

How to become an Influencer?

Influencer as mentioned above, is an individual who can affect purchase decision of audience. Normally Influencer is a Content Creator, they create the review, in term of videos or photos, introduce the products or services.
You need to find a niche that you’re really deeply passion about, consistent talk about it, explore it and share yours experience on it with your audience.
There is another type of Content Creator Influencer, is Instagram Influencer, actively create content in Instagram and normally have 100,000 to million followers. This is a new trend of influencer now and their ideas gives very big impact to the market.

How Malaysian understand about Influencer?

Influencer term in Malaysian’s mindset is someone famous, as long as a person is very famous, he/she is an influencer. Some even do not have much follower in any social media platform, yet they consider themselves as influencer.
New trend of understanding for the term of “Influencer”

  1. Must be Pretty/beautiful, if can, must be sexy too
  2. Always attend Events
  3. Always take selfies
  4. Always take awards

There are more other aspects that make you become local influencer. You can even go get Influencer awards now (Wonder how to quantify the influential level of each Master).

Please be an Honest Influencer!

If you’re consider yourself as influencer, please introduce genius products, give honest reviews. Even if that’s paid job, please do not overate any products or services. Thanks.

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