Movie Reviews by Alan Lim:Babylon(2022 Film)

Movie Reviews by Alan Lim:Babylon(2022 Film)

Babylon is a 2022 film and is not the ancient Babylon City. However, the fate of the Babylon is still similar. In the Babylon Film, there are few main characters, Jack, Nellie & Manny. This would not be a normal Movie Reviews nor Spoiler Post.

Why Babylon Film Special?

In this colourful world, you either be influential or being influenced. A tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess, it traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.

Jack, a famous silent film actor, who live his successful life until the transition of Sound Film era. In his story, we can see, no matter how successful you’re in your time, still hit by changes. World keep changing every year, every month or everyday, we have to adapt it, or else future will destroy us. At the end, Jack can not adapt to all the changes, and he choose to run away.

Nellie, a ambition lady who want to become silent film actress. She achieved her dream to become actress and once a famous actress in town. She got hit by the Sound Film era badly, lead to drug addict, gambling habit. She somehow ended badly in a tiny tiny news.

Last but not least, Manny, a person who witness all the changes. Manny, another person who wish to enter Hollywood, enter to film industry. He did it, he become friend with Jack, Nellie, and many people in the film industry. He witness the transition from Silent to Sound filming. After 30years, when he’d returned to Hollywood, all the memories, those people he met, he worked with, appears in a glance.

How I think about Babylon Film?

In this world, we can not say NO to changes, or I should say we do not have the right to say NO. Even you never make any mistake in life, you will still being knock away if you refuse to accept changes. From today to tomorrow, world is not same as day before yesterday. Babylon represent everyone, people come, people go, some you do not even remember them. In Babylon or in our world, or community, You either continue learning and make changes, or being a chapter in history.

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