Alan Lim AL Media CNY 2022

Happy 虎 Year to everyone, May you all have a Wonder虎 Year. In 2022, may all the “Good, Happy, Lucky” will fall on your doorstep, may all the “Negative Energy” bounce away, far far away… 在此恭祝各界在这个水虎年万事如意,虎虎生威,虎年行大运。 From: Alan Lim | AL Media About Alan Lim Alan Lim is aContinue Reading

We do not have any budget

If you’re involve in Event, Entertainment, Publisher or Fashion line, bet you always heard this “We do not have any budget“. They will add on and invite you to be SPONSOR for the particular event/show. Budget is setup/allocate when organiser start do planning on their event/project. They will have the total budget allocation forContinue Reading

How to become Branding Marketing Guru

Everyone is talking about Branding! Everyone is talking about Marketing! Everyone is talking about Influencer Marketing! But what is the different between Branding and Marketing? and does Influencer helps in Marketing or Branding? Let’s discuss about it. Branding, is a marketing concept with a Brand Icon or identical meaning forContinue Reading

Time to reserve your free Helium Hotspot miner

In this article and you will learn about IOT or the Internet of things. Today companies have that have sensors on packages, thermostats, parking meters, pet collars and much more are paying for the data transmitted by those sensors using the Internet as we know of it today. The companyContinue Reading