List of the International Beauty Pageants

List of the International Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageant Industry is one of the biggest industry in the world, it consist International Title, Regional Title, or Country Title. It Is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, which include inner beauty, with criteria covering judging of personality, intelligence, talent, character, and charitable involvement.

The final result based on private interviews with judges and how they answers to public on-stage questions.

Pageant titles are subdivided into Miss, Mrs. or Ms., and Teen – to clearly identify the difference between pageant divisions. Miss, Ms or Teen mainly refer to the young unmarried lady, and Mrs title for the married women.

Hundreds and thousands of beauty contests are held annually, but the Big Four are considered the most prestigious, widely covered and broadcast by media.

1- Miss Earth
2- Miss International
3- Miss Universe
4- Miss World

Beauty Pageant is a great platform or stage for girl, lady or women to present themselves, to motivate other girl/women to have more courage to carry out their daily living, and knowing that they can make a different, make change to the world.

There are some International beauty pageant listed below, while there are a lot of different beauty pageant organise in small scale in regional, country or even city.

International Beauty Pageants

Major International Pageants

There are four major international beauty pageants which are mentioned below:

1- Miss Earth
2- Miss International
3- Miss Universe
4- Miss World

Mrs. International Pageants

A total of four Mrs. international beauty pageants are held across the world. These are as follows:

1- Mrs. International
2- Mrs. Globe
3- Mrs. Universe
4- Mrs. World

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Miss Teenager International Pageants

Below is the list of Miss teen beauty pageants:

1- Miss Teen Earth
2- Miss Teen Intercontinental
3- Miss Teen World
4- Miss Teen International
5- Miss Teenager World

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Minor international pageants

Minor international beauty pageants are listed below:

1- Miss Asia Pacific International
2- Miss Polo International
3- Miss Global
4- Miss Globe International
5- Miss Grand International
6- Miss Heritage
7- Miss Model of the World
8- Miss Supertalent
9- Miss Supranational
10- Miss Tourism International
11- Top Model of the World
12- World Miss University
13- Miss Intercontinental

Continental and Regional Beauty Pageants

The following are continental and regional beauty pageants:

1- Miss América Latina
2- Miss Asia Pageant
3- Miss Asian America
4- Miss Arab USA
5- Miss Arab World
6- Miss Chinese International Pageant
7- Miss Europe
8- Miss India Worldwide
9- Miss Pacific Islands
10- Reina Hispanoamericana
11- Reina Mundial del Banano
12- Reinado Internacional del Café
13- World Muslimah

National Beauty Pageants

Below is the list of national beauty pageants along with the continents and countries of origin.

Country Beauty Pageant
Afghanistan Miss Afghanistan
Armenia Miss Armenia
Azerbaijan Miss Azerbaijan
Bahrain Miss Bahrain
Bangladesh Miss Bangladesh
Bhutan Miss Bhutan
Cambodia Miss Cambodia

Miss Universe Cambodia

Miss World Cambodia

China Miss Universe China

Miss China World

Miss International China

Miss Earth China

Miss Hong Kong Pageant (Hong Kong)

Miss Asia Pageant (Hong Kong)

Miss Macau (Macau)

Miss Tibet (Tibet)

Cyprus Miss Cyprus
Georgia Miss Georgia
India Femina Miss India

Miss Diva

Miss Divine Beauty

Glamanand Supermodel India

Miss Earth India

Miss India International

Miss India Worldwide India

Gladrags Megamodel Contest

Elite Model Look India

I Am She–Miss Universe India

Bharat Sundari

Indonesia Puteri Indonesia

Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan

Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata

Miss Indonesia

Miss Earth Indonesia

Miss Grand Indonesia

Iraq Miss Iraq
Israel Miss Israel
Japan Miss Nippon

Miss Japan

Miss Universe Japan

Miss World Japan

Miss International Japan

Miss Earth Japan

Jordan Miss Jordan
Kazakhstan Miss Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Miss Kyrgyzstan
Laos Miss Laos

Miss Universe Laos

Lebanon Miss Lebanon
Malaysia Miss Universe Malaysia

Miss World Malaysia

Miss International Malaysia

Ratu Bumi Malaysia

Mongolia Miss Mongolia

Miss World Mongolia

Myanmar Miss Universe Myanmar

Miss International Myanmar

Miss World Myanmar

Miss Earth Myanmar

Miss Supranational Myanmar

Miss Grand Myanmar

Miss Intercontinental


Nepal Miss Nepal

Miss Teen Nepal

Miss Universe Nepal

Pakistan Miss Pakistan World
Philippines Binibining Pilipinas

Miss Universe Philippines

Miss Earth Philippines

Miss World Philippines

Miss Republic of the Philippines

Mutya ng Pilipinas

Singapore Miss Universe Singapore

Miss World Singapore

Miss Singapore International

Miss Earth Singapore

South Korea Miss Korea

Miss Queen Korea

Sri Lanka Miss Earth Sri Lanka

Miss Universe Sri Lanka

Miss World Sri Lanka

Miss Sri Lanka Online

Taiwan Miss Chinese Taipei
Thailand Miss Thailand

Miss Teen Thailand

Miss Thailand World

Miss Universe Thailand

Miss Earth Thailand

Miss International Thailand

Miss Grand Thailand

Miss Supranational Thailand

Turkey Miss Turkey
Uzbekistan Miss Uzbekistan
Vietnam Miss Vietnam

Miss Universe Vietnam

Miss World Vietnam

Miss Vietnam World

Miss Supranational Vietnam

Miss Earth Vietnam

Algeria Miss Alegria
Angola Miss Angola
Botswana Miss Botswana

Miss Universe Botswana

Miss Earth Botswana

Cameroon Miss Cameroon
Cape Verde Miss Cape Verde
Chad Miss Chad
 Côte d’Ivoire Miss Awoulaba

Miss Cote d’Ivoire

 Congo Democratic Republic Miss Congo (RDC)

Miss Earth DR Congo

 Congo Republic Miss Earth Congo
Egypt Miss Egypt
Ethiopia Miss Ethiopia

Miss Universe Ethiopia

Gabon Miss Gabon
Ghana Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Ghana

Miss Earth Ghana

ECOWAS Peace Pageant

Miss Malaika Ghana

Kenya Miss Kenya

Miss World Kenya

Miss Universe Kenya

Miss Earth Kenya

Liberia Miss Liberia

Miss Earth Liberia

Madagascar Miss Madagascar
Mauritius Miss Mauritius

Miss Estrella Mauritius

Miss Earth Mauritius

Mayotte Miss Mayotte
Morocco Miss Maroc
Mozambique Miss Mozambique
Namibia Miss Namibia
Nigeria Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Miss Nigeria

Miss Earth Nigeria

Republic of the Congo Miss Earth Republic of Congo
Réunion Miss Réunion

Miss Earth Réunion

Rwanda Miss Rwanda
Seychelles Miss Seychelles
Sierra Leone Miss Sierra Leone

Face of Sierra Leone

Senegal Miss Senegal
South Africa Miss South Africa

Miss Earth South Africa

South Sudan Miss South Sudan

Miss Earth South Sudan

Sudan Miss Sudan
Tanzania Miss Universe Tanzania

Miss Tanzania

Togo Miss Togo
Tunisia Miss Tunisia
Uganda Miss Uganda

Miss Earth Uganda

Zambia Miss Zambia

Miss Universe Zambia

Miss Earth Zambia

Zimbabwe Miss Zimbabwe

Miss World Zimbabwe

Miss Earth Zimbabwe

Albania Miss Universe Albania
Austria Miss Austria
Belarus Miss Belarus
Belgium Miss Belgium

Miss Earth Belgium

Bosnia and Herzegovina Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina

Miss Earth Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bulgaria Miss Universe Bulgaria

Miss World Bulgaria

Croatia Miss Universe Croatia

Miss Croatia

Czech Republic Czech Miss

Miss České Republiky

Miss Czech Republic

Denmark Miss Denmark

Miss Universe Denmark

Miss World Denmark

Face of Denmark

Estonia Miss Estonia
Finland Miss Finland

Suomen Neito

France Miss France

Miss International France

Miss Corsica (Corsica)

Germany Miss Germany

Miss Universe Germany

Miss World Germany

Gibraltar Miss Gibraltar
Greece Star Hellas
Hungary Miss Hungary

Miss Universe Hungary

Magyarország Szépe

Iceland Miss Iceland

Miss Universe Iceland

Ireland Miss Universe Ireland

Miss Ireland

Italy Miss Italia

Miss Italia nel Mondo

Miss Universo Italia

Miss World Italy

Miss Earth Italy

Kosovo Miss Universe Kosovo

Miss World Kosova

Miss Kosovo

Latvia Mis Latvia

Miss Universe Latvia

Liechtenstein Miss Liechtenstein
Lithuania Miss Lithuania
Malta Miss Malta

Miss World Malta

Monaco Miss Monaco
Montenegro Miss Montenegro
Netherlands Miss Netherland
North Macedonia Miss Macedonia
Norway Miss Norway
Poland Miss Polski

Miss Polonia

Miss Earth Poland

Portugal Miss República Portuguesa

Miss Queen Portugal (Miss Earth Portugal)

Romania Miss Romania

Miss Universe Romania

Russia Miss Russia

Krasa Rossii

San Marino Miss San Marino
Serbia Miss Serbia
Slovakia Miss Slovakia

Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky

Slovenia Miss Universe Slovenia

Miss Slovenia

Miss Earth Slovenia

Spain Miss Spain

Miss Earth Spain

Sweden Miss Universe Sweden

Miss World Sweden

Switzerland Miss Earth Schweiz

Miss Switzerland

Miss World Switzerland

Ukraine Miss Ukraine Universe

Miss Ukraine

Miss Ukraine Earth

United Kingdom Miss Universe Great Britain

Miss Great Britain

Miss United Kingdom

Miss Africa Great Britain

Miss England (England)

Miss Earth England (England)

Miss Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)

Miss Earth Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)

Miss Scotland (Scotland )

Miss Earth Scotland (Scotland )

Miss Wales (Wales)

Miss Earth Wales (Wales )

North America
Antigua and Barbuda Miss Antigua and Barbuda
Aruba Miss Aruba
Bahamas Miss Bahamas

Miss Universe Bahamas

Barbados Miss Universe Barbados

Miss Barbados World

Belize Miss Belize
Bermuda Miss Bermuda
Bonaire Miss Bonaire
British Virgin Islands Miss British Virgin Islands
Canada Miss Canada

Miss Universe Canada

Miss World Canada

Miss Earth Canada

Cayman Islands Miss Cayman Islands
Costa Rica Miss Costa Rica

Reinas de Costa Rica

Cuba Miss Cuba
Curaçao Miss Curaçao

Miss International Curaçao

Señorita Curaçao

Dominica Miss Dominica
 Dominican Republic  Miss Dominican Republic
El Salvador Nuestra Belleza Mundo El Salvador

Reinado de El Salvador

Greenland Miss Greenland
Grenada Miss Grenada World
Guadeloupe Miss Guadeloupe

Miss International Guadeloupe

Guatemala Miss Guatemala
Haiti Miss Haiti
Honduras Señorita Honduras

Miss Honduras

Jamaica Miss Jamaica Universe

Miss Jamaica World

Miss Earth Jamaica

Martinique Miss Martinique

Martinique Queens

Mexico Mexicana Universal

Miss México

Miss Earth México

Rostro de México

Señorita México

Nicaragua Miss Nicaragua

Miss Mundo Nicaragua

Nuestra Belleza Nicaragua

Panama Señorita Panamá
Puerto Rico Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Universe Puerto Rico

Miss World Puerto Rico

Miss International Puerto Rico

Miss Earth Puerto Rico

Saint-Barthélemy Miss St. Barthelemy

Miss St. Martin & St. Barthélemy

Saint Kitts and Nevis Miss Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Miss St. Lucia
Saint-Martin Miss St. Martin & St. Barthélemy
Sint Maarten Miss Sint Maarten
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Miss St. Pierre & Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines
 Trinidad and Tobago Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Earth Trinidad and Tobago

Turks and Caicos Islands Miss Turks and Caicos Islands
United States Hawaiian Tropic Teen Miss

Miss America

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen

Miss Arab USA

Miss Asian America

Miss Black America

Miss Black USA Pageant

Miss Brasil USA

Miss Chinatown USA

Miss Earth United States

Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA

Miss India USA

Miss Latina US

Miss Rodeo America

Miss Rodeo USA

Miss Supranational USA

Miss U.S. International

Miss United States

Miss USA

Miss Teen America

Miss Teen US Latina

Miss Teen USA

Miss Teenage America

Ms. Texas Senior America

Miss Viet Nam Continents

Miss World America

Mrs. America

National Sweetheart

U.S. Virgin Islands Miss US Virgin Islands

Miss Virgin Islands

Australia Miss Australia

Miss Earth Australia

Miss International Australia

Miss Universe Australia

Miss World Australia

Miss India Australia

Miss Latina Australia

Mrs Globe Australia

Cook Islands Miss Cook Islands
Fiji Miss Fiji
Guam Miss Guam

Miss World Guam

Miss Earth Guam

New Caledonia Miss Nouvelle-Calédonie
New Zealand Miss Universe New Zealand

New Zealand at Miss World

Miss Earth New Zealand

Northern Mariana Islands Miss Marianas
Samoa Miss Samoa
Tahiti/French Polynesia Miss Tahiti
Wallis and Futuna Miss Wallis & Futuna
South America
 Argentina Miss Argentina

Belleza Argentina

Miss Earth Argentina

Bolivia Miss Bolivia
Brazil Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil World

Miss Earth Brazil

Chile Miss Universo Chile

Miss Earth Chile

Miss World Chile

Colombia Miss Colombia

Miss Mundo Colombia

Miss Earth Colombia

Ecuador Miss Ecuador

Miss Earth Ecuador

Miss World Ecuador

Miss Teen Ecuador

French Guiana Miss Guyane
Guyana Miss Guyana

Miss Universe Guyana

Miss Earth Guyana

Paraguay Miss Paraguay
Peru Miss Peru
Suriname Miss Suriname
Uruguay Miss Uruguay
Venezuela Miss Venezuela
Miss Earth Venezuela

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