Mrs Malaysia Universe 2022 & Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2022 Grand Final

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2022 Grand Final

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2022 Grand Final

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2022 & Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2022 Grand Final successfully held on 09 July 2022 at Mega Star Arena. Congratulations to Madam Lim, Organiser (founder of Yinzi Event & Marketing) and Team. Thanks for the VVIP invitation to cover the news for the event. Kudos, Madam Lim and Team.

The theme of the night is “New Age of Women Empowerment Together”.

Event highlight by AL Media Channel:

Event Live Boardcast by Rentak Sejuta:

Women from different background and profession comes together, trained and learn how to do dancing, cat walk, and various different empowerment program which rarely can be learn in normal house-life / work-life. With all the new knowledge learned, I believe contestants will look into their life differently, and will live their life more fruitful.

Congratulations to all contestants and winners. Everyone is the winner when you have courage to stand on the stage and tell everyone, you can.

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2022:

Winner – Amanda Ong
Runner-Up – Jenny Chong
2nd Runner-Up – Liya Red
3rd Runner-Up – Elaine Chee
4th Runner-Up – Quinx

Subsidiary Titles:

Best Skin – Liya Red
Most Eloquent – Amanda Ong
Best Smile – Quinx
Most Courageous – Elaine Chee
Most Photogenic – Susannah
Most Potential – Jenny Chong
Best Fitness – Alice Lai
Most Elegant – Alycia Lye
Best Catwalk – Jenny Chong
Most Energetic – Elaine Chee
Most Popular – Amanda Ong
Most Confident – Eva Lim
Best Personality – Nicoley Low
Most Congenial – Quinx
Best Talent – Quinx, Jenny Chong & Amanda Ong

Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2022:

Winner – Rachel Saw
1st Runner-Up – Shelly Low
2nd Runner-Up – Anna Ong
3rd Runner-Up – Lelle Chai
4th Runner-Up – Hannah Chen

Subsidiary Titles:

Best Skin – Hannah Chen
Most Eloquent – Rachel Saw
Best Smile – Xharene
Most Courageous – Anna Ong
Most Photogenic – Penny Kan
Most Potential – Rachel Saw
Best Fitness – Penny Kan
Most Elegant – Lelle Chai
Best Catwalk – Tina Lim
Most Energetic – Anna Ong
Most Popular – Lelle Chai
Most Confident – Devi
Best Personality – Hannah Chen
Most Congenial -Xharene
Best Talent – Tina Lim, Rita & Anna Ong

Best Supportive Husband:

Jimmy Chu (husband of Jenny Chong)
David Kwok (husband of Eva Lim)
Jabez Lim (husband of Hannah Chen)

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