Biggest Philanthropist Charitable person is Photographer

Let us tell you that the Biggest Philanthropist Charitable person is Photographer, maybe include videographer. WHY we say soโ€ฆ Charity always a good act in society, as we really need helpful people to help around needy, in term of morale supports or monetary supports. There are so many organisation inContinue Reading

Alan Lim AL Media CNY 2022

Happy ่™Ž Year to everyone, May you all have a Wonder่™Ž Year. In 2022, may all the “Good, Happy, Lucky” will fall on your doorstep, may all the “Negative Energy” bounce away, far far away… ๅœจๆญคๆญ็ฅๅ„็•Œๅœจ่ฟ™ไธชๆฐด่™Žๅนดไธ‡ไบ‹ๅฆ‚ๆ„๏ผŒ่™Ž่™Ž็”Ÿๅจ๏ผŒ่™Žๅนด่กŒๅคง่ฟใ€‚ From: Alan Lim | AL Media About Alan Lim Alan Lim is aContinue Reading

What you should do before request a Airbnb Photography?

Iโ€™d covered the topic of โ€œHow to get people to do professional photography?โ€œ, I think most of the Airbnb Host understand that well. You just need to request the photography service from your host dashboard, and Airbnb will link you with the appointed photographer, thatโ€™s it, so easy. Anyhow, YouContinue Reading

We do not have any budget

If youโ€™re involve in Event, Entertainment, Publisher or Fashion line, bet you always heard this โ€œWe do not have any budgetโ€œ. They will add on and invite you to be SPONSORย for the particular event/show. Budget isย setup/allocateย when organiserย start do planning on their event/project. They will have the total budget allocation forContinue Reading

How to become Branding Marketing Guru

Everyone is talking about Branding! Everyone is talking about Marketing! Everyone is talking about Influencer Marketing! But what is the different between Branding and Marketing? and does Influencer helps in Marketing or Branding? Letโ€™s discuss about it. Branding, is a marketing concept with a Brand Icon or identical meaning forContinue Reading