AL Media Tell u more about Fake Fame Phenomenon

Fake fame refers to a phenomenon where someone becomes famous or well-known for something that lacks substance or value. This type of fame is often based on superficial qualities, such as appearance or viral content, rather than any meaningful accomplishment or talent. One way to explain fake fame is toContinue Reading

How to fully utilise the Fair-weather friendship.

How to fully utilise the Fair-weather friendship. While fair-weather friendships may not be as fulfilling as genuine friendships, there are still ways to make the most of them: Set boundaries: It’s important to set boundaries and communicate your own needs in the friendship. Let the other person know when youContinue Reading

Fair-weather friendship good for us?

Fair-weather friendship good for us? Fair-weather friendships are not necessarily good for us because they tend to be one-sided and based on the other person’s needs rather than a genuine interest in our well-being and friendship. While it’s understandable to have acquaintances or connections who may only come around whenContinue Reading

What is fair-weather friendship?

What is fair-weather friendship? This is a relationship where the other person only seems interested in being your friend when they can benefit from your presence or when you can offer them something they want or need. You can explain this kind of friendship by describing the behavior that theContinue Reading


Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2023 – Secretary-General of the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development (MECD), YBhg. Dato’ Sri Suriani Binti Dato’ Ahmad officiated the announcement of VitaHealth Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s (VitaHealth) first-ever brand ambassador in 76 years – Malaysian Badminton Player Pearly Tan. The world-renowned athlete will be theContinue Reading

Malaysia Interior Photographer, Alan Lim

Alan Lim is a Commercial Photographer providing various kinds of photography solutions: especially in Interior Photography. In the year 2009, he founded ALPHOTOS to provide a more complete suite of services. He has been appointed as official photographer for numerous renowned magazines and websites. He loves incorporating new ideas and conceptsContinue Reading

How to write a proper resignation letter?

Open Ai Chat GPT teach you How to write a proper resignation letter? Writing a proper resignation letter is an important step in the process of leaving a job. Here are the steps to follow when writing a resignation letter: Start with a clear and concise statement of your intentContinue Reading

How to write a Good SEO post?

Let’s see how Chat GPT answer it. Writing a good SEO post requires a combination of great content and a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Here are some tips to help you create a high-quality, optimized post: Research keywords: Use keyword research tools to identify the most relevantContinue Reading

How to achieve financial freedom?

Let’s see how Open AI Chat GPT tell you more about this? Achieving financial freedom means having enough passive income or assets to cover your expenses and allow you to live the life you want without being dependent on a traditional job or paycheck. Here are some steps you canContinue Reading