Time to reserve your free Helium Hotspot miner

Time to reserve your free Helium Hotspot miner

Time to reserve your free Helium Hotspot miner

In this article and you will learn about IOT or the Internet of things. Today companies have that have sensors on packages, thermostats, parking meters, pet collars and much more are paying for the data transmitted by those sensors using the Internet as we know of it today.

The company Helium in 2013 developed the idea of collecting data from sensors and selling the data to companies that buy it for a lot less than they are paying now. Companies pay for it with a crypto currency labeled Helium created by the company Helium.

The company IHub Global was formed to be a growth engine for the Hot Spot devices. IHub Global sold the first devices in early 2019 using an affiliate business model. 80% of the Helium revenue generated by a hot spot device is paid out to affiliates. Remember the hot spot is first mining the crypto coin Helium. That price is about $15 a coin. Mining coin is how IHub makes money. Note IHub is open in the US Canada Mexico UK and much of Europe. In the future when there is sufficient density of the devices IHub devices will be capturing data from the IOT or internet of things and selling data to companies for far less than they have to pay for it now. Those companies will need to pay for that data in Helium crypto which they will then convert to data credits.

You can see what devices are earning by entering your address in the search box at this location https://explorer.helium.com/coverage Start with the overview then scroll in to your state and area. Look for the green dots. Those are active IHub devices. Scroll in as far as you can to your area. If there are green dot hover the hand over one and then under. This is little tricky. With the under the dot move it until you see a pointed finger come up then click on the green dot with the finger. The hot spot will illuminate and look at the top left for the link to hot spot details. Click there and then look towards the middle of the screen for rewards and it will tell you how much coin that hot spot is earning in the last 24 hours and 30 days. Not many that I clicked on have been active for 30 days so use daily times 30 for an estimate. Remember the earnings for each IHub hot spot are very likely to increase as the number of devices activated increase.

For now I am getting that the average generation is about 100 Helium a month Helium at time of writing is over $15 a coin. So if you are at earning 50% then you earn 50 Helium and that is 750 per month I am not making any income claims. However I will tell you I will have 35 people on my team very soon. I hope you are one of them. Register now Join for Free Here https://join.heliumtrack.app

The current price for a hot spot device is $20.41 and due to demand they are not expected to be available for delivery until alter in the summer of 2021. You do not have to pay any money to reserve a device and when the time comes and you do not want to pay, I know there will be someone very happy to buy that unit and be the owner and you can be a host making 10% of what it earns.

Now is the time to register for free and when you do you can go into your back office and reserve your unit at no cost. You can also add the shipping and installation addresses for others. That is one way you can begin building clusters of Hot Spot communities so when the devices are ready for shipment your communities will be ready to activate a device and that is a mechanism for true residual income. My primary focus is to attract people who want to register and reserve their unit. Those who do have their unique link and can begin building their community. Build regardless of where a person lives.

There is a lot here and I am happy to add clarity with a call.

Join for Free Here https://join.heliumtrack.app

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