Worklife, what you’re expecting?

worklife at alifebe

worklife at alifebe

In worklife or in a corporate/company, you will meet up with different characteric people. Each of them have their unique “skill set” which can ease your work or kill you slowly. Let’s see the top 10 “Colleague’s characteristic.

1. Lazy
2. Ignorant
3. Agressive
4. Hardworking
5. Procasinating
6. Mr/Mrs Know Everything
7. Mr/Mrs Know Nothing
8. Talk too much
9. Worry too much
10. Follower

Most of the time being corporative to other isn’t enough for them. They always want more, always demand until you go crazy. You need to find a way to survive.

One of my friend did told me that, he met with a extraordinary colleague when he is still freshman in worklife. This particular colleague always says “This is not my job!” when ever you ask him for help. And he also will reply “Is not my job scope, I do not know anything, do not ask me!” whenever you wish to ask for guidance.

For me, is simply. As long as you do your job right, you’re ok. Need not to think too much, care too much on how people think of you. They are not you, and you do not earn living depending on them too. If they dislike you, let’s it be. We’re just ok for missing few colleague or friend.

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