Client said they do not have budget

We do not have any budget

We do not have any budget

If you’re involve in Event, Entertainment, Publisher or Fashion line, bet you always heard this “We do not have any budget“. They will add on and invite you to be SPONSOR for the particular event/show.
Budget is setup/allocate when organiser start do planning on their event/project. They will have the total budget allocation for everything, such as “Venue Rental”, “Event Planner” (included Photography/ videography/ makeup/ wardrobe/ stage decoration). If everything is in the plan, how come they can tell you “We do not have any budget“.

Comon, We do not have any budget!

We do not have any budget – which means they do not put in this allocation during the project kick start, they just consider YOU AS FREE OF CHARGE. They don’t even bother to consider to pay you when they do project planning.

We do not have any budget – which means they have budget, they have money, they just do not want to pay you, as you or anyone in the line will surely give them SPONSORSHIP, why pay, right?
We do not have any budget – which means you do sponsorship, you will definitely get more exposure, more people know about you and your service. Is a WIN WIN SITUATION.
We do not have any budget – which means you and your competitor always can do for them for FREE. So, we never plan the budget in the budget discussion. They always get free services from you, why pay you?

Please STOP all these NO Budget Theory…
If you think it is a WIN WIN SITUATION, you will definitely get exposure, open up more business OPPORTUNITIES, you will get paid jobs later. You’re wrong, very wrong.
Think about it, if you, yourself get something for free for the first time, will you bother to pay for the upcoming? No, right? You won’t think it is a necessary for you to pay for the service.
If a event do not include your service charges in their budget planning, which means they treat you for granted. Your service is not as important compare to those they’ve budget. Simply say that your service is not being appreciated.
Please STOP all these nonsense. You deserve to be paid, paid in FULL.

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