How to become Branding Marketing Guru

How to become Branding Marketing Guru

Everyone is talking about Branding!
Everyone is talking about Marketing!
Everyone is talking about Influencer Marketing!

But what is the different between Branding and Marketing? and does Influencer helps in Marketing or

Branding? Let’s discuss about it.

Branding, is a marketing concept with a Brand Icon or identical meaning for a business. While Marketing is to make or create market or opportunity for a product in a society, which we always call it product marketplace.

A product/service need to focus on their niche market, and all the effort to create awareness, create campaign or advertisement, is Marketing. They will deploy marketing personnel to do survey and understand public needs, and improve the product suit to the market.

To differentiate this product/service with other similar competitors, that’s the Product Branding kick in.

Is important to create a “Brand” that well recognise by everyone, such like below,
* Instant noodles in Malaysia, people will always call it Maggie Mee.
* In Mamak, any fried instant noodles will call as Maggie Mee Goreng.
* In Malaysia, when talk about Chocolate drink, people will think MILO.
* In Malaysia, when talk about soft drink will think about Coca-Cola.
That’s a successful branding example when burnt a mark in every brain.

How to do a successful Branding? or Marketing?
Is sound like easy task, but it is not easy at all. It needs tonnes of efforts and ideas. That’s why now there are so many Marketing Guru, Branding Guru, or even Branding Marketing Guru appears everywhere, especially in Facebook.

Can Branding Marketing Guru helps us?
Yes, in some minimum ways, they really helps you in one or two decisions.

How Branding Marketing Guru helps us?
They will verbally tells you all the theories that you’re lazy to read from the books.
They will guide you to visualise your vision, your mission and your target which you should do it when you start your business. They basically refresh your minds, clear all your doubt, and ask you work hard for your business.

Do we need a Branding Market Guru?
Yes, if you are lost in business direction and your business is doing downstream.

There are always funny facts about Branding Marketing Guru which I will share with you, and that can make you become Branding Marketing Guru too.

How to become Branding Marketing Guru?
* You need to understand the fundamental theories of Branding and Marketing
* You need to be good in giving speech or public speaking
* You need to create a positive mindset for people
* You need to be a good actor/actress.
* You need to be successful (super easy to become Guru)
* You need to be charming or pretty

What a list of basic requirements to become a Guru (some is not true, I make it myself)
You will always see some “Facebook Sponsored” advertisement of “Online Marketing Guru” who telling you that Facebook advertisement is not useful for your business, while they’re paying Facebook for the advertisement. Funny, right?

You will always see some “Property Guru” telling you to get away from bank debt where they’re teaching you how to take loan from bank in easier methods. To get away from loan or get more loan?
You will always see some “Property Guru” telling you to buy more house or Condominium to do “Homestay” which can earn a lot of “EASY MONEY“, but none of the Guru doing any Homestay Business. They do not want Easy Money?

To be a “Good Guru” in any field, you just need to be good speaker, and have a group of “Lost” business person. That’s the know how to be Guru.

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