Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: Woman of the dead (Totenfrau)

Woman of the dead (Totenfrau)

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Woman of the dead (Totenfrau), a new Netflix TV series. An Austria TV Series that release last year October and world wide release now. A Netflix series with 6 episodes, about a woman who lost her husband. Later on found out that there is a secret behind it.

1. Among the Dead

Air date: Nov 7, 2022
A small-town undertaker’s life turns upside down when a car kills her husband. The tragedy becomes a mystery when details about the crash don’t add up.

2. A Great Artist

Air date: Nov 7, 2022
Blum decides to take in Dunja, a frightened woman who knew Mark. At the same time, She begins to suspect the powerful Schönborn family was involved in Mark’s death.

3. Fear the Living

Air date: Nov 10, 2022
Blum begins to follow the trail of the men who attacked Dunja, leading her to frightening places. A strange car begins to follow her family.

4. A Mother’s Love

Air date: Nov 10, 2022
Blum confronts Mrs. Schönborn, certain that she is behind kidnapping her son before luring another member of the gang into a deadly trap.

5. Natural Balance

Air date: Nov 14, 2022
The police chief begins to think that Blum might be behind recent events; Massimo finds some damning evidence; Blum ends up in a perilous situation.

6. To the End

Air date: Nov 14, 2022
The police bring Blum in for questioning. Therefore she puts the final piece of the puzzle into place during a meeting with Massimo.

An extraordinary morning, Blum witness her husband crashed by a car and announced death at hospital. Evidently, She found out it is not a simple accident, someone murdered her husband. Especially she getting near to the truth, more people is involved. The whole little town beneath a secret which is scary, ugly and terrified. There is a group of people who work hard to protect it.

The secret linked to a case that had happened 30years ago. At this point, this group of people start to work together to do ugly things. That’s cause more death to people which no one notice about it. At the same time, Blum have a dark secret of the past, a distorted childhood and her parent freeze death at the sea.

This series brilliantly linked all the parts within 6 episodes, bravo to the script writer and director. The part when Blum walking to answer someone who knock on the door, where that is a open ending. Should we expect Woman of the dead Season 2? Let’s wait and see…

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