InDrive company founded by Arsen Tomsky at 2012 and it evolved to international market since 2014. It rebranded from InDriver to InDrive at 2022. InDrive launched in Malaysia on 2021.

InDrive, unlike typical eHailing apps such as Grab or AirAsia Ride, InDrive is offering a unique service by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate the fare of the ride.

InDrive had received the LPP from APAD on June 15, 2023 which make it legal to operate in Malaysia.

How InDrive works compare to Grab or other E-hailing app in Malaysia?


Booking a ride for a passenger through the InDrive app is a straightforward process that provides convenience and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a passenger can book a ride and receive a confirmation email using the InDrive app:

  1. Opening the InDrive App: The passenger launches the InDrive app on their smartphone. They ensure that they have a stable internet connection for seamless communication with the app’s servers.
  2. Login and Profile Setup: If the passenger is a new user, they create an account by providing necessary details such as their name, email address, and contact information. They may also set up a profile picture and specify any preferences or requirements they have for their ride.
  3. Selecting the Ride Option: The passenger selects the “Book a Ride” option on the app’s main screen. They can choose from various ride options based on their needs, such as standard car, luxury car, or shared ride. The available options may vary depending on the region and service providers associated with InDrive.
  4. Setting Pickup and Drop-off Locations: The app prompts the passenger to input their desired pickup location and destination. They can either enter the addresses manually or use the app’s integrated map feature to select the locations visually. The app provides suggestions and auto-complete options to assist in accurate address entry.
  5. Choosing Additional Preferences: InDrive allows passengers to specify any additional preferences they may have for their ride. This includes options like selecting a child seat, indicating the need for assistance, or requesting a specific vehicle feature like wheelchair accessibility. These preferences help the app in finding the most suitable ride for the passenger.
  6. Confirming the Ride Request: After inputting all the necessary details, the passenger reviews their booking information and confirms the ride request by tapping on the “Book Now” or similar button. The app processes the request and searches for available drivers in the vicinity.
  7. Driver Assignment and Confirmation Email: Once a driver is assigned to the ride request, the passenger receives a notification within the app with the driver’s details, including their name, vehicle model, and estimated time of arrival. Simultaneously, an automated email is sent to the passenger’s registered email address, confirming the ride details.
  8. Ride Progress and Updates: Throughout the journey, the InDrive app provides real-time updates to the passenger, including the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival at the pickup location. This information ensures transparency and allows the passenger to plan accordingly.
  9. Completion of the Ride and Fare Payment: Upon reaching the destination, the ride is considered complete. The app calculates the fare based on factors such as distance traveled, duration, and any additional charges. The passenger can review the fare details on the app, make payment through the app’s integrated payment system, and receive a digital receipt.
  10. Feedback and Rating: After the ride, the passenger has the opportunity to provide feedback on the driver and rate their overall experience using the InDrive app. This feedback helps maintain service quality and improve future ride experiences.

In conclusion, booking a ride through the InDrive app is a seamless process that involves setting up a profile, selecting ride options, specifying pickup and drop-off locations, confirming the ride request, receiving a confirmation email, tracking the ride progress, completing the payment, and providing feedback. The app streamlines the entire booking process, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience for passengers.


Getting a job as a driver through the InDrive app involves a straightforward process that connects drivers with potential passengers. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how drivers can join and find job opportunities using the InDrive app:

  1. Downloading and Installing the InDrive App: Drivers interested in joining the InDrive platform begin by downloading the app from the respective app store (iOS or Android). They ensure that they have a compatible smartphone and a stable internet connection.
  2. Registration and Profile Setup: Upon launching the app, drivers are prompted to create an account. They provide the necessary details, including their name, contact information, and valid identification documents such as driver’s license and vehicle registration. Drivers may also be required to undergo a background check to ensure safety and compliance.
  3. Vehicle and Documentation Verification: To become an InDrive driver, verification of the vehicle and its documentation is necessary. This typically includes providing details such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and license plate number. Drivers may be required to upload scanned copies or clear photographs of their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents for verification purposes.
  4. Accepting InDrive’s Terms and Conditions: Before proceeding, drivers carefully review and accept InDrive’s terms and conditions, which outline the expectations, responsibilities, and policies that drivers must adhere to while operating on the platform. This includes rules regarding driver conduct, passenger safety, and fair pricing practices.
  5. Completing Training and Orientation (if applicable): Depending on the region and InDrive’s policies, drivers may be required to complete training or orientation sessions to familiarize themselves with the app’s features, navigation, and best practices for providing a safe and enjoyable ride experience to passengers. This training can be in-person or through online modules.
  6. Setting Availability and Accepting Job Requests: Once the driver’s profile is approved and verified, they can set their availability status within the InDrive app. This allows drivers to indicate their preferred working hours and locations. When a passenger requests a ride within the driver’s vicinity and availability window, the driver receives a notification and can choose to accept or decline the job request based on their availability.
  7. Navigating to the Pickup Location: Upon accepting a job request, the app provides the driver with the passenger’s pickup location and any additional instructions. The driver can use the in-app navigation system or preferred navigation app to reach the pickup point efficiently.
  8. Providing a Safe and Comfortable Ride: Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, they greet the passenger and ensure a safe and comfortable journey. The driver follows the navigation instructions provided by the app to reach the destination. They maintain professionalism, adhere to traffic rules, and prioritize passenger safety throughout the ride.
  9. Completing the Ride and Fare Calculation: After reaching the destination, the driver marks the ride as complete within the InDrive app. The app calculates the fare based on factors such as distance traveled, duration, and any additional charges. Drivers can view the fare details and collect payment from the passenger either in cash or through the app’s integrated payment system.
  10. Maintaining Ratings and Feedback: Passengers have the opportunity to rate the driver and provide feedback on their experience. Drivers should strive to maintain high ratings and address any concerns or issues raised by passengers promptly. Positive ratings and feedback contribute to a driver’s reputation and future job opportunities on the InDrive platform.

In conclusion, becoming a driver on the InDrive app involves downloading the app, registering and setting up a profile, verifying vehicle and documentation, accepting terms and conditions, completing training (if required), setting availability, accepting job requests, providing a safe and comfortable ride, calculating fares, and maintaining ratings and feedback. The app simplifies the process of connecting drivers with passengers, offering job opportunities and a platform to provide transportation services efficiently.

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