G7 Berhad and Sonobee Ultrasound Sdn Bhd signed MOU officially as collaboration partners.

G7 Berhad MHD Wellness Sonobee MOU Signning

G7 Berhad MHD Wellness Sonobee MOU Signning

G7 Berhad and Sonobee Ultrasound Sdn Bhd signed MOU officially as collaboration partners. This is a win win collaboration which can brings more benefit and service to client for both side. This collaboration mainly to create more product/knowledge awareness, and at the same time to provide another wellness option to their client.

G7 Berhad include the Sonobee Ultrasound QR Code stick on their wellness product Green Protein Multigrain packaging, consumer can redeem and understand Sonobee service by scanning the QR Code. Sonobee Ultrasound will have a designed report holder with Green Protein Multigrain product information, where client can gains access to explore G7 Berhad and MHD Wellness.

G7 Berhad MHD Wellness Sonobee MOU Signning

“Breakfast is the most important meal to kick start a day” Vincent Yap, G7 Berhad Chairman.

G7 Berhad work towards a mission that everyone deserve a healthy breakfast, that’s the reason they come out with this ORGANIC PROTEIN MULTIGRAIN which contain 88 Kinds of Nutritious Ingredients.

* Contain 88 Kinds of Nutritious Ingredients
* Contain 9 essential Amino Acids
* Contain Tiger Milk Mushroom (500mg/100g)
* Contain 7 strains of Probiotics (20 billion CFU/100g)
* Contain MCT oil
* Contain 22 types of vitamins and minerals
* Vegetarian
* Lactose Free

G7 Berhad MHD Wellness Sonobee MOU Signning

Chairman, Vincent Yap told us that ORGANIC PROTEIN MULTIGRAIN yet to full release to market-wide as they wish to educate consumer more about the product knowledge before the product appears in Pharmacy, Supermarket and Shopping Mall. He believes that fully understanding the nutritional content and benefits of a product is the most important step right now.

G7 Berhad MHD Wellness Sonobee MOU Signning

Get to know more about ORGANIC PROTEIN MULTIGRAIN can contact by
Whatsapp to https://wa.link/2cuxax
Whatsapp to https://wa.link/b1xc97


Email: [email protected]

About G7 Berhad / MHD Wellness

MHD’s mission is to make you look great and feel even greater. Our belief serves as our founding principle that a great life starts with a solid foundation in health and wellness. Backed by 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have assembled a boutique range of New Zealand inspired nutricosmetics and health essentials that are like no other.

➢ Community farming projects to promote local food sustainability.
➢ Providing healthcare products at affordable price to all.

Website: www.mhd-wellness.com
Facebook: MHD Wellness

About Sonobee Ultrasound Sdn Bhd

SONOVISION is a combination of ultrasound scanning as well as training center which was established in 2016. We have 4 branches in Malaysia; Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Seremban. We specialise in obstetrics and general health screening. All scans are performed by our certified sonographers, and scan reports are verified by our radiologists OR obstetrics and gynecology specialist.

website: https://sono-ultrasound.com | https://www.sonovisionultrasound.com.my

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