Kuala Lumpur Parking Rate : Lot 10 Shopping Mall Parking Rate

Is always not an easy task to get a parking in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City, especially during the weekends. If the location you plan to visit located in City Centre, getting a parking surely a headache situation.

Anyhow, you need to find the most suitable and affordable parking, especially during you plan out your daily route and appointment. A Malaysia Parking Rate advise would come handy for you, and that’s why we are doing this for you.

Any location you wish to know more about their parking rate? Do ask us, and we will find it out for you. If you found any new paid parking location, do inform us, let’s update it and benefit to others.


Monday – Friday
1st 3 hours or part thereof RM 5.00
Every subsequent hour or part thereof RM 3.00
Flat rate (5pm – 7am) RM 7.00 / Entry

Early Bird (Enter between 7am – 10am and exit between 6pm – 8pm on the same day)
Flat rate – RM 10.00

Terms & Condition:

  • Monday – Friday only excluding public holiday
  • Valid for 100 customers per day only

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