How to find your Focus Keyword for SEO

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5 simple Focus Keyword

How to find your Focus Keyword for SEO?

A very good question and how to do it? It is very simple or it can be very complicated if you do not know the Focus Keyword for your site. What is Focus Keyword? Focus Keyword is the focus of your article or blog post, ‘SEO Focus Keyword’ or ‘Focus Keyphrase’ is the keyword that you’re trying to get your article/post to rank for in Google. In order to get better ranking or result in SEO, please try to use Longtail Focus Keyword. Longtail Focus Keyword has very low competition in World Wide Web, which make your article become better in search.

Let’s see some of the example of the LongTail Focus Keyword,

Resume (Focus Keyword)
Resume tips for fresh Grad (Longtail Focus Keyword)
Buyer tips (Focus Keyword)
Buyer tips for local (Longtail Focus Keyword)
Personal Loan tips (Focus Keyword)
Personal Loan tips for first time buyer (Longtail Focus Keyword)

How to find the right Focus Keyword?

You can basically search in google trend, or by checking on random word and pick the top in the search list. After getting 100-150 title, you already have list of Longtail Focus Keyword. You either can write article based on these Focus Keyword, or you can benchmark them.

What is an example of a focus keyword?

Here are some examples fo focus keywords:

  • In an article titled: ‘Whatsapp Marketing Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns’, the focus keyword would be ‘whatsapp marketing’.
  • In an article titled: ‘100+ Positive Friendship Tips, Skills and Techniques’, the focus keyword would be ‘friendship tips’.
  • In an article titled: ’10 Most Important Sick Symptom You Need to Know for Health’, the focus keyword would be ‘Sick Symptom’.


Focus Keyword is a tool to make your article have a better ranking in Google Search, which make your article become more popular, lead to more traffic to your site. Getting the right Focus Keyword at the right time, and use it right with a great article is the utmost important. In the journey of seeking the right Focus Keyword, you need to gather ideas of post/article too. Without a good content, A right and successful Focus Keyword/SEO would not help you. Happy Blogging.

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